my first week finale on

Over the years I’ve dabbled with various blogs such as blogger and setting up a Content Management System or CMS called DotNetNuke (DNN).  Think of a CMS as the underlying software that drives  I have to say that I really like wordpress and the community around it.  I’m still learning the ropes but I can already tell that the journey ahead is going to be fun.  My plan with this blog is to share things I know about my many hobbies such as general literature, technology, education, science, poetry, science-fiction writing, psychology, AI, programming, linux, retro-gaming, farming, neuroscience and woodworking just to name a few.    And probably my favorite topic or topics of all, books and knowledge.  I couldn’t imagine living in a world without books or a world with heavy censorship and I’m glad I don’t.

One of the many things I like about wordpress is their community and many programs to encourage writing and forming new connections among blogs and bloggers.  My blog entry yesterday named learning to let time heal was my foray into one of those programs called Daily Prompt.    With that program they choose a word and you write a blog entry about that topic and link back to the program page for that day and they add you to that day’s comment section.  It’s a very neat idea and it seems to work well to generate traffic on your site.

Another cool program is called First Friday where each week new bloggers can promote their site.  Here is my plug from earlier today.  Since it starts on FRI’s, I would get there early so your entry can be near the top unlike me.  Mine is number five hundred and something and is on page six so I may not get many views.

My First Friday Entry for the week of April 7:

Greetings. I first visited your planet a week ago and have been amazed at all I’ve seen and learned in that week. The people and the stories are like no other planet I’ve visited and let me tell you, I’ve visited many since the beginning, back when most traveler’s used Netscape to navigate the early universe. I don’t know what I’ll find or where I’ll wind up here, but I’m excited and looking forward to the adventure.

It isn’t much but here is my little cave painting on your beautiful wall of a story from my childhood involving dragons and epic battles. I looking forward to meeting more of you and reading your stories. Thanks for making room for a weary traveler and inviting me in to your wonderful community.


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