the timely refrain from life’s domain


The Timely Refrain from Life’s Domain

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
the dry grass high the distance far
the wind soft the trees stretch high

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
time creeps no sneaks elusive it peaks
from behind every valley atop every hill

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
you can’t escape fate life bestows
don’t try you’ll fail then weep so deep

time time hide hide not now not now
not ever not ever one more day one more day
old frail silent heart i miss thy song
old frail silent heart i miss thy song

Whew.  Didn’t mean to go all existential and such.  Not sure if it’s grammatically correct and makes sense but decided to play with words today.  I had a hard time coming up with something with the word “timely” geez.  🙂  I started not to add a picture because i wanted everyone to read it in their own way.  Hopefully I’m not plagiarizing any of it because I kept thinking some of it sounded familiar but I googled several parts of it and didn’t find any hits.



You Can’t Choose the Important Things In this World, Because They Choose You


You can’t choose your destiny.  You can’t choose your fate.  You can’t choose the important things in this world because they choose you.  All you can do is choose to be there to be present when it’s your turn.  To be there for someone who needs you even when that someone’s time here is just forty-five minutes.  You can think of what could have been or you can think of what was.  Even if what was came and went before you could blink and know it was real.  Life is what we make it.  We can choose whether we make it happy or sad but sometimes that takes a lot of time, practice and patience.  I love and miss you, my precious son.


I googled my son’s name (whom we lost to anencephaley some years ago) and a website came up that shows pictures of cemeteries and even obit information for some.   It appears to be driven by volunteers.  If you google someone’s name you lost and follow it with grave often you can find a photo of the gravestone.  I tried it with my dad’s name and grandparents and they all came up.   I don’t normally write sad posts but part of my goal with this blog is to share information and this seemed useful.