halo gingerly world! simple doodling with plumbago and paint 3d

I just upgraded my pc to windows 10 creators update which has Microsoft Paint 3d.  I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with it so I just did a simple doodle to test it out along with another free app called plumbago which is a notebook writing sketching app.  The first image below I did with plumbago and a stylus.

I then saved it as a png and loaded paint 3d and created a simple blue 3d sphere.   The eyes, mouth, and north pole err I mean hair are called stickers and you can place them on the 3d objects.  Finally, I loaded the first image as a custom sticker and stretched it over the sphere.  It also supports 3d text which is what I did the date in.  Lastly, I used a yellow light source on the first and red light source on the second and exported them to standard jpg format.

My main problem with plumbago is I couldn’t figure out how to lasso some of the image and enlarge or shrink it.  I figure it must be possible but with the ruled lines maybe it disallows it.  All in all both programs are pretty neat.  I’m sure I’ll try them out again when I have more time so I can gingerly doodle more and hopefully better images.  🙂


HaloWorld (2)halo worldhalo world red

boltzmann’s brains final paradox and his late cat freckles

Warning.  This post may venture out a little farther than normal into the weeds of obscurity and geekiness.

Ok just in the unlikely case that any physicist or philosophical purist happens across this blog entry I hope freckles demonstrates (wow I had to think about subject/verb agreement there 2nd time in this sentence) that I’m being silly and playful with mixing ideas.

Lately, as a result of my OCDness and maybe having too many hobbies, I’ve been thinking about efficiency and as I often do how I can take it to the extreme or if you like Latin or you too are OCD you can read that as ad nauseam or ad infinitum or if you really hate the direction this is going, reductio ad absurdum.  So as an exercise of all those at once and hopefully to help illustrate my point, I often try to get two birds (or more) with one stone (or in my case words).    The bird thing is an example of an idiom and often leads me down the path of trying to remember the difference in a metaphor, idiom, cliché, euphemism, and trope to name a few.  All those words link to http://www. merriam-webster.com which is one of the better dictionary sites because it has a lot of extra information such as word origin, etymology, thesaurus and a rhymes with list (useful if you like writing poetry).  So before you get the idea I’m gaslighting, I’ll move on but only slightly.  🙂

So thoughts on why I blog?  Here is the short list of birds umm err words:

  1. to share a story often personal which hopefully at least some people will find interesting.  Teh internets is a big crazy place so maybe.
  2. to practice writing – grammar and content.  I know I often get the former wrong.
  3. to document words and ideas that I have learned that I can share with others who are interested.  I do this with many hyperlinks in my blog posts.
  4. to share useful tech-tips – tools and websites, etc.
  5. to explore ideas or thought experiments that I think of sometimes that don’t fit into my fiction writing.
  6. I’m sure there are many others that I can’t think of right now.  🙂

So why the title other than the word “final” being required to participate in the wordpress daily prompt?  So I have a long commute to work each day and I often play this recall game in my mind while I drive.  It may be that I hear something on the radio or an audio book or college lecture audio that I’m listening to and it reminds me of a word or concept that I’ve encountered in the past.  So on this one past day I was trying to remember Boltzmann Brain and all I could picture in my head was this image:


I know disturbing, right? LOL.  Well I kept forgetting to look it up when I got home or to the office but I would keep remembering it (the game not the words I was looking for) when i got in the car and started my daily commute.  So I spent days in agony trying to remember the words “Boltzman Brain.”  Now that I’ve mentioned it here, I’ll never forget it again – it has been etched in the halls of immortality on the Internet.  🙂

So I used the word “final” because I don’t really plan on writing about Boltzmann again (although it is possible) and if I actually believed (I don’t) as part of the theory goes that I and my brain are nothing more than a Boltzman Brain then it would be my last paradox on that subject.  And what about poor freckles?  Well obviously a reference to Schrodinger’s Cat (yet another paradox) since we were on the topic of physics and paradoxes and let’s just say I opened the box the cat was in (metaphorically) or was it Pandora’s? .  LOL.  I guess that depends on whether or not someone clicked this link expecting a serious discussion on physics.  Well I warned them early on.  🙂  I’ll have to save that discussion for another day.



what a pink elephant taught me about choreography

what a pink elephant taught me about choreography (and animation)

One of my many interests includes doing computer animation one day (I’ve dabbled with it in the past but nothing good enough I can put on my blog yet).  So naturally I pay close attention to children’s animated shows and one that really stands out in my mind is Pocoyo.  Elly, the pink elephant on the show is one of the funniest characters to me and the shows creator’s did an awesome job of really accentuating her expressions and choreography for the win.  If you too have an interest in doing your own animations and content and need some ideas or inspiration check out the show and how it uses camera angles, music and dynamic movements to make superbly entertaining scenes – even for adults interested in animation.  LOL.  When my daughter was younger she didn’t like these silly type shows very much but luckily she watched them enough for me to catch this one.  Here is a link to a couple of minutes of Elly on youtube.  The entire show does a great job with animation, so check out some of the other characters too if you’re interested.  Obviously this show is designed for kids but some of the ideas will carry over to different type content.


he wasn’t pleased; this wasn’t the droid he was looking for.


he wasn’t pleased; this wasn’t the droid he was looking for.

As a matter of fact this was no droid at all – this was a malfunctioning iPod touch.  Malfunctioning as in the very important home button had stopped working.  I’ve had the device for nearly four years and used it practically every day and the home button stopped working over a year ago.  It’s not a perfect workaround but check out this link from apple if you have the issue with yours and don’t want to fork out so much money to have it repaired.  Sorry about the corny set up for today’s PSA but hey, Star Wars is fun.  One final comment on the droid thing; you’ve probably saw the various inspirational posters out there – this link is a nice twist on that.

Finally, on a different note, one of my favorite things to do is visit flea markets and yard sales.  The Storm Trooper is on a creature called a dewback. I snagged them both for $5 which I thought was a good deal.  I bought the hot wheels in the background from a nice Hispanic family at Sadie’s Flea Market in Dothan, AL along with a bag full of toys including an awesome giant pirate ship.

I liked the following picture better than the one at the top but it didn’t make sense with my caption to have an R2 unit working with a storm trooper.  LOL.



the battle of the mighty dust bunny army


After hours of fighting the mighty dust bunny army, I was finally able to rout the dirty relentless foes.  I decided to take a picture of the battlefield before they regrouped and formed a counter attack.  Luckily for me I was able to unravel their advantage of numbers with my weapons of choice, swiffer and pledge.  The beautiful photo on the monitor is compliments of unsplash.com and volunteers.  Which by the way, is an awesome website for getting free photos.

my first week finale on wordpress.com

Over the years I’ve dabbled with various blogs such as blogger and setting up a Content Management System or CMS called DotNetNuke (DNN).  Think of a CMS as the underlying software that drives wordpress.com.  I have to say that I really like wordpress and the community around it.  I’m still learning the ropes but I can already tell that the journey ahead is going to be fun.  My plan with this blog is to share things I know about my many hobbies such as general literature, technology, education, science, poetry, science-fiction writing, psychology, AI, programming, linux, retro-gaming, farming, neuroscience and woodworking just to name a few.    And probably my favorite topic or topics of all, books and knowledge.  I couldn’t imagine living in a world without books or a world with heavy censorship and I’m glad I don’t.

One of the many things I like about wordpress is their community and many programs to encourage writing and forming new connections among blogs and bloggers.  My blog entry yesterday named learning to let time heal was my foray into one of those programs called Daily Prompt.    With that program they choose a word and you write a blog entry about that topic and link back to the program page for that day and they add you to that day’s comment section.  It’s a very neat idea and it seems to work well to generate traffic on your site.

Another cool program is called First Friday where each week new bloggers can promote their site.  Here is my plug from earlier today.  Since it starts on FRI’s, I would get there early so your entry can be near the top unlike me.  Mine is number five hundred and something and is on page six so I may not get many views.

My First Friday Entry for the week of April 7:

Greetings. I first visited your planet a week ago and have been amazed at all I’ve seen and learned in that week. The people and the stories are like no other planet I’ve visited and let me tell you, I’ve visited many since the beginning, back when most traveler’s used Netscape to navigate the early universe. I don’t know what I’ll find or where I’ll wind up here, but I’m excited and looking forward to the adventure.

It isn’t much but here is my little cave painting on your beautiful wall of a story from my childhood involving dragons and epic battles. I looking forward to meeting more of you and reading your stories. Thanks for making room for a weary traveler and inviting me in to your wonderful community.



You Can’t Choose the Important Things In this World, Because They Choose You


You can’t choose your destiny.  You can’t choose your fate.  You can’t choose the important things in this world because they choose you.  All you can do is choose to be there to be present when it’s your turn.  To be there for someone who needs you even when that someone’s time here is just forty-five minutes.  You can think of what could have been or you can think of what was.  Even if what was came and went before you could blink and know it was real.  Life is what we make it.  We can choose whether we make it happy or sad but sometimes that takes a lot of time, practice and patience.  I love and miss you, my precious son.


I googled my son’s name (whom we lost to anencephaley some years ago) and a website came up that shows pictures of cemeteries and even obit information for some.   It appears to be driven by volunteers.  If you google someone’s name you lost and follow it with grave often you can find a photo of the gravestone.  I tried it with my dad’s name and grandparents and they all came up.   I don’t normally write sad posts but part of my goal with this blog is to share information and this seemed useful.