georgia err I mean guitars on my mind. some loud and fast covers by others followed by some masterful advice by mr knopfler himself. not sure if mr ray would approve of these covers but here they are in all their awesomeness…



Fast and loud music isn’t always first on my list but this wild guy Leo is absolutely insane and yet amazingly talented at the same time.  To open tonight’s theme a cover of sultans of swing…


I remember listening to this next song as a kid in the early 80s.  I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia effect or it’s unique blend of notes but I still find it catchy.


This is one of the first covers I saw by this silly guy.  It still cracks me up…


So I like KFC as much as the next person but this guy is just a bit creepy but he sure knows how to make the guitar talk.


Looks like this guy has been playing guitar and I mean this particular guitar for a long time or maybe he’s just a thrifty guitar shopper but either way this is quite nice…


Not much to say about this next musical duo but wow…


And the last of the main electric covers to demonstrate just how versatile the electric guitar is that it can even do classical.  That tacobell err I mean Pachelbel guy’s song never sounded so good.  Good thing music is the universal language because this vid isn’t in English…


Alrighty then, so we’ve seen plenty of weird guitar players but how about weird guitars…  Slowin’ it down a bit but this has a good sound to it and there are many other strange instruments out there like the ones in the next two vids.  Oh baby it’s a wild world.


Ok so maybe not fast and loud but I figured a transition video with an acoustical would be nice before getting to the coaching video from the master…

Here is a cover of an Alan Walker song from which I will post some of his videos in a later post.  My daughter has been playing guitar and piano since before she could talk I think and this was one of the earlier songs she learned on guitar and later on piano.  Her style is slightly different than this guy’s but they sound very similar and due to the strumming involved and other complexities this isn’t a terribly easy song to learn.


And last but in no ways least some sound advice from a guitar guru…

I hope to get back in the swing of things and post more to the blog.  However, I’ve been grappling with some mean medical issues and a fleeting blip called time…


the hurdy gurdy, an exceptional folk music instrument


the hurdy gurdy, an exceptional folk music instrument

Not sure how many of you are familiar with this instrument but it’s pretty interesting.  Thought I would share some of the cool videos I found related to this unique instrument.


I always like including links to TED whenever possible so here is one specifically for the instrument:


Are you a gadget geek?  Kickstarter which is a site for people to try to raise money for ideas and products, etc.  even has a gurdy kit you can build yourself and also some very cool wooden trains.


Though not technically a gurdy i suppose but cool nonetheless, the marble machine.  Kind of like a rube goldberg music machine…


Still not buying it all this ruckus about HG.  You may have heard the words hurdy-gurdy in the past and just forgotten. 🙂  Catchy song from the old days.


Want to know more check out Patty’s link and peruse her vids.




The Harder the Conflict, the More Glorious the Triumph

The Harder the Conflict, the More Glorious the Triumph

-Thomas Paine.

Wow.  It’s been two months since I’ve posted on my blog.  I’ve got to get back into my routine.  lately I’ve been making another attempt to learn some new musical instruments – if I ever learn them then it will have been quite the triumph.  With this recent attempt, I’ve learned more about the guitar and keyboard than ever.  I’ve got a long way to go but so far so good.  I’m using a combination of an app called yousician, youtube vids, and books.  I also have a harmonica and ukelele within reach so I may just learn them all.  🙂

I’ve also been reading on music theory.  I just finished a book called The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten and gave it five stars on  Here is the review i posted there about the book:

Well I had planned on giving the book 4 stars but after reading the ending and some careful thought, I decided what the heck, 5 stars it is. First off, my thought process is mostly driven by logic and scientific thinking so books like this that utilize mysticism and such initially don’t interest me much. However, I gave the book a chance and was astonished at how well it’s story came together. I suspect most people who think like I normally do can’t open their mind to such a story. That doesn’t mean I believe every ounce of the story or even most of it. I think the author himself alludes to some of the playful exaggerations he’s uses to get his point across. To me the story shouldn’t be taken too literally and you shouldn’t try to verify and audit each point for scientific accuracy. The idea that if you spend your time and energy helping others learn and achieve greatness that you’ll draw from hidden connected arcane energy and forces is a powerful idea not because of magic but simply because you’ve helped others achieve something they may have not have done without you. The story paints a picture of a town filled with students who learned from the teacher. Students some of whom may have had difficult situations like the author and couldn’t have afforded to pay the teacher but yet didn’t have to because his lessons were free other than what it cost them in time and simply giving his ideas a chance.

do not go blindly into that good night

If you’re reading this you probably paused for a moment while the error-correction part of your mind paused and said wait a minute that’s not how that beautiful beautiful poem by Dylan Thomas went – we all know it is Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.  And then there was rage, rage in your mind against any novice writer such as myself who would take such a remarkable piece of work in what seems like vain or some type of gimmick approaching blasphemy.  But now that I gave you the hyperlink above so you can click it and see the original masterpiece in all it’s glory which has nothing but my utmost respect and admiration, my goal here is simply to use it for inspiration and follow the rules of The Daily Post since today’s word is blindly  If it eases your rage feel free to consider me a fanboy of beautiful literature.

My substitution for the word “gentle” with “blindly” is a play on words to emphasize something I feel very strongly about.  It’s the importance of education and life-long learning and always trying to improve yourself with the power of knowledge.  You’ll see Dylan’s most popular words used over and over in Hollywood movies and one my personal favorites is with Michael Caine in the movie Interstellar  The music after the narration in the video is by Hans Zimmer.  It is rare that an Ad catches my attention but his ad for his Master Class is incredibly inspiring and full of wisdom.

Good poems and prose can be more powerful than the strongest weapons and some like Dylan’s seem to resonate with a universal audience.  If my post tonight does nothing but to remind you to stop and smell the roses or enjoy a good work of art then to me it’s a success.  It doesn’t matter whether that work of art is a good poem, book, music or movies – all that matters is it is something you enjoy and hopefully inspires you in some way.  So I’ll leave you with one more narration of Dylan’s work (warning it has a four letter word at the end of it (Rodney Dangerfield’s Video) so skip it or stop before you get to the end of it if profanity is offensive to you).  And remember to rage against the dying of the light which in my mind means stay thirsty for knowledge and by not going blindly into that good night.

Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School

Sorry, I told you I was a fanboy – I couldn’t leave off Anthony Hopkins.