the timely refrain from life’s domain


The Timely Refrain from Life’s Domain

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
the dry grass high the distance far
the wind soft the trees stretch high

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
time creeps no sneaks elusive it peaks
from behind every valley atop every hill

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
you can’t escape fate life bestows
don’t try you’ll fail then weep so deep

time time hide hide not now not now
not ever not ever one more day one more day
old frail silent heart i miss thy song
old frail silent heart i miss thy song

Whew.  Didn’t mean to go all existential and such.  Not sure if it’s grammatically correct and makes sense but decided to play with words today.  I had a hard time coming up with something with the word “timely” geez.  🙂  I started not to add a picture because i wanted everyone to read it in their own way.  Hopefully I’m not plagiarizing any of it because I kept thinking some of it sounded familiar but I googled several parts of it and didn’t find any hits.



he wasn’t pleased; this wasn’t the droid he was looking for.


he wasn’t pleased; this wasn’t the droid he was looking for.

As a matter of fact this was no droid at all – this was a malfunctioning iPod touch.  Malfunctioning as in the very important home button had stopped working.  I’ve had the device for nearly four years and used it practically every day and the home button stopped working over a year ago.  It’s not a perfect workaround but check out this link from apple if you have the issue with yours and don’t want to fork out so much money to have it repaired.  Sorry about the corny set up for today’s PSA but hey, Star Wars is fun.  One final comment on the droid thing; you’ve probably saw the various inspirational posters out there – this link is a nice twist on that.

Finally, on a different note, one of my favorite things to do is visit flea markets and yard sales.  The Storm Trooper is on a creature called a dewback. I snagged them both for $5 which I thought was a good deal.  I bought the hot wheels in the background from a nice Hispanic family at Sadie’s Flea Market in Dothan, AL along with a bag full of toys including an awesome giant pirate ship.

I liked the following picture better than the one at the top but it didn’t make sense with my caption to have an R2 unit working with a storm trooper.  LOL.



the battle of the mighty dust bunny army


After hours of fighting the mighty dust bunny army, I was finally able to rout the dirty relentless foes.  I decided to take a picture of the battlefield before they regrouped and formed a counter attack.  Luckily for me I was able to unravel their advantage of numbers with my weapons of choice, swiffer and pledge.  The beautiful photo on the monitor is compliments of and volunteers.  Which by the way, is an awesome website for getting free photos.

do not go blindly into that good night

If you’re reading this you probably paused for a moment while the error-correction part of your mind paused and said wait a minute that’s not how that beautiful beautiful poem by Dylan Thomas went – we all know it is Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.  And then there was rage, rage in your mind against any novice writer such as myself who would take such a remarkable piece of work in what seems like vain or some type of gimmick approaching blasphemy.  But now that I gave you the hyperlink above so you can click it and see the original masterpiece in all it’s glory which has nothing but my utmost respect and admiration, my goal here is simply to use it for inspiration and follow the rules of The Daily Post since today’s word is blindly  If it eases your rage feel free to consider me a fanboy of beautiful literature.

My substitution for the word “gentle” with “blindly” is a play on words to emphasize something I feel very strongly about.  It’s the importance of education and life-long learning and always trying to improve yourself with the power of knowledge.  You’ll see Dylan’s most popular words used over and over in Hollywood movies and one my personal favorites is with Michael Caine in the movie Interstellar  The music after the narration in the video is by Hans Zimmer.  It is rare that an Ad catches my attention but his ad for his Master Class is incredibly inspiring and full of wisdom.

Good poems and prose can be more powerful than the strongest weapons and some like Dylan’s seem to resonate with a universal audience.  If my post tonight does nothing but to remind you to stop and smell the roses or enjoy a good work of art then to me it’s a success.  It doesn’t matter whether that work of art is a good poem, book, music or movies – all that matters is it is something you enjoy and hopefully inspires you in some way.  So I’ll leave you with one more narration of Dylan’s work (warning it has a four letter word at the end of it (Rodney Dangerfield’s Video) so skip it or stop before you get to the end of it if profanity is offensive to you).  And remember to rage against the dying of the light which in my mind means stay thirsty for knowledge and by not going blindly into that good night.

Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School

Sorry, I told you I was a fanboy – I couldn’t leave off Anthony Hopkins.

my first week finale on

Over the years I’ve dabbled with various blogs such as blogger and setting up a Content Management System or CMS called DotNetNuke (DNN).  Think of a CMS as the underlying software that drives  I have to say that I really like wordpress and the community around it.  I’m still learning the ropes but I can already tell that the journey ahead is going to be fun.  My plan with this blog is to share things I know about my many hobbies such as general literature, technology, education, science, poetry, science-fiction writing, psychology, AI, programming, linux, retro-gaming, farming, neuroscience and woodworking just to name a few.    And probably my favorite topic or topics of all, books and knowledge.  I couldn’t imagine living in a world without books or a world with heavy censorship and I’m glad I don’t.

One of the many things I like about wordpress is their community and many programs to encourage writing and forming new connections among blogs and bloggers.  My blog entry yesterday named learning to let time heal was my foray into one of those programs called Daily Prompt.    With that program they choose a word and you write a blog entry about that topic and link back to the program page for that day and they add you to that day’s comment section.  It’s a very neat idea and it seems to work well to generate traffic on your site.

Another cool program is called First Friday where each week new bloggers can promote their site.  Here is my plug from earlier today.  Since it starts on FRI’s, I would get there early so your entry can be near the top unlike me.  Mine is number five hundred and something and is on page six so I may not get many views.

My First Friday Entry for the week of April 7:

Greetings. I first visited your planet a week ago and have been amazed at all I’ve seen and learned in that week. The people and the stories are like no other planet I’ve visited and let me tell you, I’ve visited many since the beginning, back when most traveler’s used Netscape to navigate the early universe. I don’t know what I’ll find or where I’ll wind up here, but I’m excited and looking forward to the adventure.

It isn’t much but here is my little cave painting on your beautiful wall of a story from my childhood involving dragons and epic battles. I looking forward to meeting more of you and reading your stories. Thanks for making room for a weary traveler and inviting me in to your wonderful community.


learning to let time heal

The four-year-old me picked up the sharp straight hoe and looked around to make sure no one, especially nosy adult eyes or tattling play mates,  were anywhere near me or saw me acquire my new-found toy.  Nope, I was alone, just me and the magical relic and oh the fun me and my new toy were about to have.  It could be anything I wanted it to be, a magical spear to fend off dragons, a digger to dig up buried treasure, or a baseball bat with a very sharp end.  That day, it would be for dragons, so I embarked on my magical journey and within only a few steps the fiery fiend was upon me.  I swung the large-handled implement back and forth and I jabbed and parried (a word my now forty-something old self knows but my four-year old self didn’t).  We both fought with courage and skill but I finally bested the vile beast.  The beast was wounded and on the ground and what a passer-by may have mistaken for a fallen pine that had been skinned with the large tool I was holding (so as to make wooden posts), make no mistake this was indeed a giant, magical, fire breathing-dragon and was still incredibly dangerous and in need of finishing.  So finish I did (the fight unfortunately not the beast), chopping it with straight down jabs over and over beside my little bare feet.  When finally one jab bounced off the pine err I mean dragon and sent the sharp tool deep into the top of my soft right little foot followed by a tsunami of warm red well you know.

The dragon wasn’t dead after all and was still full of fight; it would live to fight another day and it had inflicted quite a wound on me, the little warrior.  I cried out from a pain like my little body had never felt before and a pain that hopefully most four or eight or any other kid would never have to endure if they were lucky.  But I wasn’t lucky not on this day.  The greatest pain I had ever felt at the time was soon followed by the second greatest pain the little four-year old dragon warrior had witnessed – stitches.  I don’t like stitches even to this day.  It took a long time to get over the pain and for my legendary wounds to Heal. I would eventually learn many years later and through many more painful epic battles with so-called dragons and other violent beasts some big and small (small as in kidney stones and various surgeries) that pain can sometimes be almost unbearable and with some types of wounds, some not even physical ones that even time has trouble healing them. Sometimes all you can do is try to be strong and persevere over time until the next epic battle with the evil dragon.