Betrayed again, my all too common unwitting chat with those pesky Nigerian Scammers.

Betrayed again, my all too common unwitting chat with those pesky Nigerians.

As I was having a long overdue but friendly chat with a somewhat distant relative whom I thought was either drunk or possibly sleep deprived, I finally figured out he wasn’t a relative at all but the danged ol lochness monster and you know what he said to me, he wanted to know if I had about tree-fiddy.  Ok so he asked for an iTunes $15 gift card instead of $3.50 but it’s close enough I suppose.   Image result for tree fiddy meme no profanity

I was gonna include a YouTube video about this scene but it had too much profanity for me to post.



Far in the distant darkness, a dim light flashes slowly like a tiny lighthouse

far in the distant darkness, a dim light flashes slowly like a tiny lighthouse

 It’s almost 9 PM I’m sitting outside in the backyard swing under the Dogwood tree looking up at the moon.  The moon is bright however occasionally the fast-moving clouds obscure its  the view.  It’s slightly cool, breezy and in the distance ahead of me I can hear the wind blowing through the top of the pines.  The night sky is just bright enough that I can see the pines swaying gently back-and-forth like concertgoers at a late night music concert .  Behind me is natures concertgoers a chorus of frogs that occasionally stop singing I guess to catch their breath maybe. 

 I’m on a top of a hill in a wooded area of North Florida.  I have to believe that many many hundreds of years ago that this same hill wouldnt have been a bad spot for the Native Americans living here the time to peer up at the moon just as I am doing tonight.  I know they were here because they left their stone artifacts as arrowheads a tangible reminder of a long distant past.  

 The image below is what I see tonight.  Although it shows the moon through the distant Pines as the Native Americans might’ve saw it, it also shows a nightlight a friendly reminder of our modern conveniences.  I’m sure the Native Americans too were serenaded by the multitude of frogs as well as harassed by the relentless mosquitoes.  In some ways we probably have a lot in common even though we are separated by long spans of time we are connected by the timeless land and by nature.

 While the dim slowly flashing light mentioned in the title isn’t visible in this picture, I’m sure that the Native Americans would’ve been all-too-familiar with it as well.  But I can’t help but wonder how they would have pondered those lightning bugs.  What magical properties may they have thought the lightning bugs possessed.  For when I see lightning bugs through my modern educated lens I think of insects and evolution things we were taught in biology.  Special properties of behavior and adaptation that allow the lightning bugs to keep their tiny light house lit.  Only for short time when I was a kid could I look at those dim slowly flashing lights as magical and wonder probably as our ancient Native American ancestors did what magical lands must they have traveled from and from what magical hands must they have been created.