i saw a jawa at the gym

In cooler weather I try to go to the botanical gardens and walk the trails on my lunch break but with the temps getting into the mid 90’s and blasting towards triple digits, I’ve been going to the gym more often on my lunch break.  I always manage to see someone or something interesting at the gym each visit and yesterday it was a jawa.

Image result for jawa starwars

You know those pesky little scavengers from Starwars that young vader hated so much.  The guy must have been about 4 foot tall with an oversized hoodie and I could only see his eyes when he walked by.  Lucky for him he was on planet fitness rather than his home planet and thus in the judgement free zone which disallowed me to take pictures of him or I would have put his mug on my blog.

It may have not been as strange as seeing a tall old slender guy walking on the sidewalk in Campbellton, FL in a spiderman suit on the way to work one morning but I suppose seeing a jawa is still noteworthy.

I’ve been a member of several gyms over the years and I have to say planet fitness is among the best and most value priced.  It’s $10 a month with a $30ish annual equipment fee so it’s really hard to beat that deal.  There is something about their treadmills that seems more comfortable than most other treadmills that I’ve walked on.  And with the AC and giant ceiling fans they have good airflow so I don’t sweat quite as bad.  Their free wifi is also a plus.  So if you’ve been wanting to join a gym and never go, then they are most likely your cheapest way out.


My somewhat inchoate diet and my new fitbit badge.

My somewhat inchoate diet and my new fitbit badge.

I have type 2 diabetes and though I’ve been able to hold my current weight without gaining, my blood sugar has been slowly creeping upwards so I’ve been ramping up my diet strategy yet again.  I’m probably on version 42 of my diet (and a long ways to go) and I feel like by the time I get to version 100 there will be nothing left I can actually eat except maybe an avocado and celery both of which i want to like but currently find yucky.

Here are a couple of tricks I’ve learned recently to help eat healthier.  In the past, I’ve used these square containers like in the images below for two turkey sandwiches – one for lunch and one for supper.  I can’t consume two sandwiches in one meal and control my blood sugar or weight.  Even though I get pretty hungry throughout the day by just eating one sandwich I’ve learned that I have to get used to being hungry.

Instead of putting the turkey meat on bread, I put it in a salad and fill the sandwich container with salad.  Ingredients I typically use in the salad are lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, sweet onion and green onion, green pepper, two jalapeno slices (finely chopped), broccoli, cauliflower (both of which i cut up fairly small so it’s not big chunks), green or black olives, dill pickle slices, banana pepper rings, and a little bit of shredded cheese.  I put a small amount of salad dressing in a small container and keep it in the cooler with a salad.  I generally put black pepper on it when i prepare it but don’t salt it ahead of time or it’ll turn the lettuce to mush because salt leaches the moisture out of veggies in a short amount of time.   The green olives, banana peppers, and sliced dills from a jar typically have a lot of salt so I find that I don’t have to add more salt with those and those don’t turn the salad to mush.

I also like to experiment with other dry seasonings such as McCormick’s salad supreme or even Cajun spices such as Tony Cachere’s or Zatarain’s sometimes to keep from getting so bored with salads.  If the lettuce is pretty fresh I have been able to get away with preparing the salad in the container the night before but I usually prepare it the morning if I’m going to have it for lunch.  Since it can be a bit time consuming I try to have all the ingredients washed and chopped in containers in the fridge so I just have to combine them in the morning.

There are a lot of other ways to make a salad including using sliced or chopped boiled eggs or other sandwich meats.  Or if you’re worried about processed sandwich meats, I like boiling split chicken breast with seasonings and pulling the meat from the bone and putting it in a container in the fridge.  It can then be used as a topping on a salad, in chicken salad, chicken pasta, chicken chilli, chicken pizza, or home made chicken soup just to name a few.  Boiled chicken if done right can be very tasty and healthier than fried (but if you have fried chicken leftovers you can pull the meat from the bone on it and use it in same recipes i mentioned above).  I’ll post the seasonings and some other tricks I use for boiled chicken in another post.

Cashews in moderation from what I’ve read have a beneficial affect on blood sugar so I’ve been taking those in my lunch.  They can be eat as a snack or put in the salad.  I’ve also been eating a lot of oranges lately so I’m not sure if that’s why I haven’t caught the cold or flu bugs that everyone else keeps getting but I’m sure the vitamin C helps.  The halo brand oranges are easy to peel and they’re pretty tiny so just right for peeling at my office cube without making a mess.


Salad, cashews, and an orange. Yummi.


I put pickle slices and green olives in there which takes the place of salt.


Instead of putting the turkey meat on bread I put it in a salad.


This is what I’m not supposed to eat. 🙂  This was the first time I bought fresh seafood from Publix and brought it home and cooked.  The shrimp and catfish were on sale half off.  I make the shrimp scampi by drizzling it with olive oil and putting a small amount of butter in it.  Then I add garlic salt and some pepper and then bake or broil it for about 6 minutes.  The corn nuggets are just bad all the way around when it comes to health.  LOL.  This is at least 4 servings maybe more.   


Yay. This is since January of 2017.  I’m still too heavy to run much so most of this is brisk walk.

I’ve experimented with a lot of containers for salads to take them to work and eat at lunch but the square plastic container above seems to work pretty good so far.  I’ve also thought about glass mason jars.  With the mason jars you put salad dressing on the bottom and then when you’re ready to eat it just pour it into a bowl.  You can find the book below on Amazon and other places.

Image result for 150 best meals in a mason jar book

Well good luck if you are trying to eat healthier and/or lose weight.  It’s a constant struggle for me but I’ve lost around 40lbs with many more to go but I’m getting there slowly but surely.  🙂


the timely refrain from life’s domain


The Timely Refrain from Life’s Domain

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
the dry grass high the distance far
the wind soft the trees stretch high

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
time creeps no sneaks elusive it peaks
from behind every valley atop every hill

walk, speak, run but don’t no don’t look back
you can’t escape fate life bestows
don’t try you’ll fail then weep so deep

time time hide hide not now not now
not ever not ever one more day one more day
old frail silent heart i miss thy song
old frail silent heart i miss thy song

Whew.  Didn’t mean to go all existential and such.  Not sure if it’s grammatically correct and makes sense but decided to play with words today.  I had a hard time coming up with something with the word “timely” geez.  🙂  I started not to add a picture because i wanted everyone to read it in their own way.  Hopefully I’m not plagiarizing any of it because I kept thinking some of it sounded familiar but I googled several parts of it and didn’t find any hits.



The shoulder injury that could.

So I’ve played a lot of sports (informal not professional in anyway – although if coach would have only put me in the game in the finals, I could have went pro, lol, just kidding we didn’t actually have bench warmers due to always having just enough players to make a team) over the years and did a lot of dumb things so I know a thing or two about injury.   So about four months ago, I’ll label it as a sports injury since I was moving a sleeper sofa by myself to an extra bedroom in the middle of the house, when behold I felt a slight discomfort in my left shoulder.  I’ll call it a sports injury since the extra bedroom is becoming a music/game room and me and my daughter will likely play sports games on PS2 (and the 27″ CRT) at some point.  And since anyone that knows me and my body type knows I’m not playing a lot of real sports lately.  But as the legendary Chris Farley and hopefurry my new Blue FitBit Blaze would say, I’m working on it!  Anyway, back to our story, so the shoulder discomfort quickly morphed into something more analogous to a writhing pain like i envisioned would happen if a happy-go-lucky boa swallowed a nice big plump unsuspecting porcupine (and if you’re thinking to yourself wait self, I’ve heard that boa/porcupine story before then you and yourself would be right but hopefully you didn’t click the click-bait link where you saw it or if you did stop reading now and run a system scan.)  So for four months, it’s been this mild pain followed by occasional writhing sick boa.  So I finally told me doctor about it and he ordered an x-ray which obviously came back normal because modern medicine sucks.  No just kidding modern medicine is ok mostly especially since it’s saved my life more than once, it’s really just my luck that sucks.  Anyway, so he said since the x-ray was ok then obviously the pain is merely a figment of my imagination and I need some prozac or to take up alcohol.  Just kidding again, for the record I don’t think he believes in Prozac or it’s happy friends or he’d have probably put me on one of them a long time ago.  What he really said is he was going to give me a steroid shot and I quickly reminded him for the umpteenth time, that I’ve been allergic to steroids for many years and they will either kill me or make me blind or both because of something called CSCR which no one has ever heard of.  So then he said well that complicates things and gives me an RX for Etodolac which I thought was cool because maybe it was named after a mountain range called the Etodolacs or was it Adirondacks.   So after reading the 500 page warning pamphlet that came with it and which outlined the 10,000 maniac ways it can either kill you or make you wish you were dead because it’s 400 MG of NSAID afterall,  I was back to wishing he had just gave me Prozac instead.  But alas, I took just one yesterday morning (after a self-imposed and prescribed 5000 calorie meal to make sure it doesn’t cause stomach bleeding or upset) instead of the two pills he asked me to take each day.  So last night unlike every other night, the past four months, my shoulder hurt a lot less.  So thanks to my doctor and modern medicine, I may be on the road to recovery from shoulder pain and hopefully I can avoid the road of 10,000 deaths although I know it’s way too early to say yet.  And if you’re thinking (as my English professor in college would) did I really use that many words to describe something I could have said in 2 or 3 sentences then oh yes, yes I did.  🙂