Betrayed again, my all too common unwitting chat with those pesky Nigerian Scammers.

Betrayed again, my all too common unwitting chat with those pesky Nigerians.

As I was having a long overdue but friendly chat with a somewhat distant relative whom I thought was either drunk or possibly sleep deprived, I finally figured out he wasn’t a relative at all but the danged ol lochness monster and you know what he said to me, he wanted to know if I had about tree-fiddy.  Ok so he asked for an iTunes $15 gift card instead of $3.50 but it’s close enough I suppose.   Image result for tree fiddy meme no profanity

I was gonna include a YouTube video about this scene but it had too much profanity for me to post.



4 thoughts on “Betrayed again, my all too common unwitting chat with those pesky Nigerian Scammers.

    • Well I still find it a bit strange that people almost always say Nigerian Scammers but there are plenty of American Scammers out there too. This could have been my neighbor for all I know. 🙂

      Funny though. Towards the end of the conversation, I asked him if he had any last words before i blocked him and reported him to facebook. So i was like No, cat got your tongue? Then he responded with, “Talk to you later.” Which is actually fitting because he was right. You can’t block scammers because they’ll always get through so I will likely talk to him or another scammer like him again whatever nationality they happen to be.


  1. True. Thanks for the reply. I most likely wouldn’t give anyone money on the Internet from a random communication. I’ve occasionally given people on the street a little bit of money if I thought they were really in need. But I accept that even with those people some probably scammed me. I would rather take the chance of helping someone in need rather than the other extreme and assuming everyone is being deceptive and never trying to help anyone.

    What’s really sad to me is when people scam the elderly. Many of them are already struggling and doing without food or medications or heating/cooling because they don’t have enough money and people scam them for what little bit they have. Some elderly are so kind that they would do without to sometimes help a stranger they really believe is in need. It’s a sad world sometimes and I wonder how those scammers sleep at night knowing they’ve hurt people.


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