Thinking the neurons would congregate sufficiently in action to support the cognitive endeavor, he soon realized…

Thinking the neurons would congregate sufficiently in action to support the cognitive endeavor, he soon realized…

 I’ve learned a lot about writing since my early childhood, however,that’s not to say I’m an expert by any means.  For instance, one thing that I’ve learned  along the way about writing is that when you make a promise to the reader that you have to keep it.  Obviously one example of that in this case is the title.  While it sounds a little bit like mad Libs or ad lib.’s which was an old favorites of mine as a kid, tonight my cognitive endeavor if I can call it that is an attempt to write this whole passage or blog with my Kindle using audio dictation or voice recognition.  

 Tonight I’m sitting in the swing under the moonlight in the backyard surrounded by woods and mosquitoes which are unfortunately for me enjoying it a bit too much and alas I wanted to write this blog completely outside.  Additionally, I’ve been playing around with ultra portables also called convertibles or hybrids; these are touchscreen devices that have a keyboard like a laptop, they’re also very light and some of them fold all the way around or have a detachable screen like the Microsoft surface.  Originally, my plan was to use one of these ultraportable devices to write the blog using a standard keyboard but I haven’t figured out how to do that comfortably in the swing. I was gonna build a frame out of wood to hold the device and fit in the swing but I haven’t done that yet.  So that brings me to where I am currently and I’m using the Kindle Fire HDX which is a standard tablet and voice recognition to write all of this and so far so good.  Yay.
 So to finish out the title of this blog, he soon realized that speaking is not the same as typing when writing as apparently it uses a different part of the brain and mine isnt quite as exercise as the typing part of my brain.  While the Kindle is doing pretty good with accuracy I can still tell it’s having difficulty with my southern English.  This reminds me about reading some twilight zone history about Rod Sirling’s writing method that with a lot of those old stories he actually recorded on audio while he was outside by the pool with a nice view and had somebody dictate them later.  While my view isn’t quite as nice as Rod’s was probably I’ll take what I can get.  And so far this little experiment hasn’t been too painful.  I have learned that with the Kindle I have to say the word period quickly after finishing a sentence or it ll put a space before the period like this .  

 While writing this I’m also using a Kindle app for WordPress so I’m not sure if it’s saving it every so often like the web version does so I maybe taking a little bit of a risk here.  I guess I’ll have to hold my breath when I press the publish button and hope for the best. 

 I have a long commute to and from work so I also use an audio recorder for a lot of my science fiction writing ideas and this is a little bit similar that when trying to collect thoughts and record them with audio. I’d also consider getting some PC software called DragonDictate and play around with it but their versioning schemes were very little bit much for me and I was afraid that the functionality I needed would not be in the version that I acquired.  If you don’t have a Kindle tablet you can also use I’m sure a different device such as an iPhone or even Google’s voice recognition.  I will probably try one of those other devices with a future blog post.  I’ve used Apple’s voice recognition and Google’s voice recognition and I’ve had various results with those so I have to say that Amazon’s voice recognition isn’t too bad. Tonight I probably got an accuracy of somewhere around 92%.  

 I meant to time the blog tonight to see how long it took me to compile it but I didn’t do that. I suppose it’s about 45 minutes so it’s not nearly as efficient as typing but it has been interesting nonetheless.  Okay so I guess I better press the publish button now and see what happens.  There are two firsts tonight, using voice recognition to do this whole blog (mostly) and using for the first time the WordPress app on the Kindle. I kind of feel like one of those wheel of fortune contestants that will spin the wheel and clap while saying big money big money so…  big money big money or please dont lose my post wordpress.  🙂  And if you’re wondering… I did get that emoticon or emoji (I  always forget which) by saying the word although it added a nose and I did take the nose off 🙂

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