consider visiting and supporting your local botanical gardens, nature’s perfume and art gallery

consider visiting and supporting your local botanical gardens, nature’s perfume and art gallery

I normally spend my lunch break at work walking for exercise and a stress relief.  One place on my rotation is my local botanical gardens which for me is DABG in Dothan, AL.  I’ve been a member and regular visitor for several years.  I recently switched my membership from individual to family so my family can visit there as well. The family membership cost is around $50 and you can use your membership for many other botanical gardens in different cities across the US thanks to reciprocation agreements they’ve worked out.  Throughout the year they have a lot of special events for the public and some members only events as well.  It’s a good deal and supports a great cause in my opinion.

Here are some photos I took earlier this week at DABG…


This is from the rose garden.  This is just one corner of it.  It’s probably the most fragrant area of the gardens.

Here are some close-ups of some of the flowers.  The color on some of these are so bright they almost seem to glow in the sunlight.  I can only imagine what they look like to bees – probably like bee heaven.  🙂

This is a very small sample of what my local gardens have – they have just added a new kiddie play area and they have a very nice Asian Garden with waterfalls and a wooden bridge plus much much more.

If you’re city has a botanical gardens and you haven’t been yet consider paying them a visit.  I spent many years working in Dothan, AL before i realized they had one.  Once I walked the paved trail a few times I was definitely hooked.



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