the mouse in the willow and the fry in the lake


the mouse in the willow and the fry in the lake

The sad young mouse looked out of his tiny window in the willow tree down at the lake below.  He saw a tiny creature in the water and asked his mother what it was.  She said that is a fry.  “Well, how does he breathe under water mommy?”  His mother looked at him for a moment and then said, “Well, you see son.  The fry’s mother has great magical power and she passed some of that magical power to her son so he too can breathe under water. ”  The tiny mouse said, “Wow.  I wish I had magical powers.”  She looked at him and smiled and said “Everyone is magical in their own way.  Even you.  ”

The next day the mouse was on ground next to the lake and saw the little fry crying.  He asked the little fry why he was crying.  “Some tall creatures, came and took my mommy,”  the little fry said sobbing.  The mouse remembered what his own mommy had said about the fry’s mother being magical and told the fry it would be ok.  Your mother will be back soon enough little fry do not worry.  But the little fry continued to cry.  It wasn’t long before the tall creatures returned and the little mouse hid behind a large plant by the water.  The tall creatures released the fry’s mother gently back into the water and he noticed she had some new colorful adornment on her with strange markings.  After the tall creatures left, the little mouse went back to the edge of the water where the little fry was jumping with excitement after being reunited with his mother.  “Mommy, mommy, there is the magical mouse I was telling you about.”    After hearing the fry’s kind and intriguing words, the little mouse smiled widely, his first smile in many days.



I felt like writing a little story tonight.  The daily prompt words have been challenging lately.   LOL.


4 thoughts on “the mouse in the willow and the fry in the lake

  1. Aww. Glad you liked it. 🙂 Thank you for your positive feedback. I was exploring a lot of ideas in the story at least in my own mind – like depression, loss or parents separating, autism and being careful to try to resolve everything in a positive way. I’m practicing to be a writer but just as a hobby. I’ve always dabbled with writing my own stories and poems since i was a kid but I’ve learned much more in the past few years – some by having my stories rejected by publishers and more by reading anything and everything and learning to pay more attention to detail about what other writers are really doing with their stories – literary devices, themes, common templates, continuity etc. I try to use wordpress daily prompt page each day and I noticed most others were using the word fry in more of a cooking or destroyed sense so I wanted to try something different. After making sure fry was a baby fish like i thought i remembered it and finding out the word was both singular and plural it kind of fell together easier than I expected. I do like “gotchas” in writing and one thing I’ve learned through rejection from publishers is either make the “gotcha” a happy one or if you choose to make it sad make sure there is some benefit or positive way of reading into the story if it does involve loss. Old trickster me would have probably had the story above include both meanings of the word “fry” and the thought did cross my mind but only briefly. 🙂


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