the pearl opaque, the clam half-baked

the pearl opaque, the clam half-baked

It seemed like a good day for a non-sequitur. Some time ago we amassed a noble dog army to help fight the evil snake empire.  Today the snake empire injured two of our little brave warriors, Nala and Wilburt.  We think Nala took the brunt of the venom so she’s sleeping in the little dog hospital tonight with an IV drip, antibiotics, and benedryl.  Wilburt is still here on blueberry hill toughing it out.  The dog doctor aka vet called us an hour or so ago and gave us a bit of good news that Nala’s swelling doesn’t appear to be getting worse and her heart rate is still good.  The same cotton mouth moccasin bit both of them.   Wilburt is pictured below – it’s difficult to see it from this picture but his left side of his face and neck is swollen.  He’s getting doses of benedryl.


We’re hoping that both our little brave warriors live through this ordeal.  Nala is the main one we are worried about because her head and neck was extremely swollen.  The snake is dead but the evil snake empire is getting an early start since the warm season is just beginning.  Sargent our biggest and toughest warrior has already killed one of the snake fighters a while back all by himself – he really hates snakes.  He’s a blue heeler and he’s already survived a direct hit from one of the vipers last year.  The only thing that scares him is lightening and bad weather.  LOL.

About 10 years ago I killed over a dozen ground rattlers in one season.  I opened our sliding glass door that same year and happened to catch something out of the corner of my eye and it was one of them trying to slither into the house.    He didn’t make it.  Hopefully between the dog army, the new chicken army, and Midnight the Ninja Cat we can beat back the evil snake empire from blueberry hill.

3 thoughts on “the pearl opaque, the clam half-baked

    • Thank you for your words of support. I checked on Wilburt this morning and he’s still hanging in there. I think the swelling in his face and neck has went down a little. I hope we hear from the vet soon on Nala. I think the snake that bit them was around 3 feet long (I didn’t see it or kill it – someone else did for me) and I’m hoping either didn’t get a good bite on them or maybe it had already used it’s venom feeding on something else like a rabbit or small rodent. (Our rabbit population here is so large it has to be unnatural and unhealthy.) I say that because moccasin venom is particularly potent about like one of our other more dangerous venomous snakes in this area, the diamondback rattlesnake which is what I think bit my large dog last year. I’m surprised he survived that bite – he had a lot of major tissue damage from it. But anyway, we had a white english bull dog decades ago that just got scratched on the face by a very large cotton mouth moccasin (probably 4 feet or longer and as big around as an adult’s arm – i have a lot of experience with snakes and that is still the largest moccasin I have ever saw) and that dog’s entire head and torso had swollen up massively for weeks. He kept scratching the bite area that was on his head and making it bleed and I’m wondering if that helped him pull through – back then we didn’t use vets in that situation. He barely survived it and he was a large dog so that much venom would have probably killed several small dogs. I don’t know what to do to reduce the chances of another event like yesterday happening to any of our dogs so I hope maybe their behavior will change where they will just alert us that we have a snake inside the fence and not get close enough for them to get bit. 🙂

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