letting go of criticism

OK.  So I admit it.  I’ve read several books on meditation and listened to some lectures on religions like Buddhism and Jainism.  That feat alone required me letting go of my inner-self’s close-mindedness and infatuation with criticizing just about everything I came in contact with – even if I did so mostly with just my own internal monologue.  I carefully chose those religions because let’s face it, not many of the common religion’s members would sweep bugs out of the way to keep from stepping on them.    But in this blog post, I’m only using them as an example of how far some will go to be truly respectful of others and of life itself.  Now that I’ve said that, I’ll admit that I haven’t reached that level yet and probably never will but I have been on a journey to be more open minded and respectful of other people’s beliefs even when I don’t share their beliefs.

What made me think of this topic tonight is while reading other people’s blogs sites and their posts to other sites is I realized I wasn’t viewing them with my normal critical lens.  Apparently, I had after all made some progress on the journey of letting go of criticism.  So I stopped to reflect for a moment and realized I was seeing things in the posts that I hadn’t noticed before.  It’s almost like i could see them more clearly and analyze them with a much clearer lens.  I saw people trying to fit in anyway they knew how.  I saw people taking chances with their writing.  I no longer saw the figurative blemishes with their ideas and writing the same way.  I wasn’t blind to the blemishes but I was indifferent to them and somehow I saw new meaning in their writing and understanding who they may be and what they were trying to accomplish.  Although, that may in itself sound like criticism, I feel that internally something truly changed and like I had a newfound power to better understand others writing and motives.



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